Way to Source Talent

Thank you for your interest in recruiting the Department's talented students and alumni. There are a number of ways to engage the IEOR Department to source talent, such as posting an opportunity, starting an internship/recruiting program, hosting an information session, or reviewing the graduate Resume Portfolios.

Post an Opportunity

The IEOR Career Team is positioned to assist you in recruiting. If you have a position that needs to be filled, please email us. We will help you source talent immediately. To expedite the process, please provide us with the following information:

1. Position Description and Title: By providing us a detailed description of the position, you are likely to have high success in finding the right candidates.

2. Brief Description of your Firm: Many students are interested in researching more about your firm. This will help us educate our students about the opportunity and your business.

3. Position Start Date: By providing us with a potential start date, we know which group of students and alumni to target.

4. Other Information Needed: Inform us if your firm requires other information including transcripts, writing samples, cover letters, etc. We will include this information on the job posting.

5. Resume Submission: We can tell our students to submit their resume in a variety of methods including (1) organization’s website; (2) email address of your choice; or (3) our office, and we will send you a file containing all their resumes.

Start an Internship Program

The Department partners with a number of organizations in establishing internship programs for our students throughout the academic year and summer months. Internships are highly valued in the Department as they expose our students to professional practical training. If your firm is interested in establishing an internship program, please contact us.

Host an Information Session

We welcome and encourage organizations to meet our students. This can be achieved through hosting an information session at Columbia or we can bring our students to you!  This is a very effective method to meet our students and engage them in the work that you do.  We ask you to contact us at least one month ahead of time so we can schedule an appropriate venue for the event. For more information, please email or call 212-854-8404.

Request our Graduate Resume Portfolio

Join our network of employers to obtain access to the electronic resume portfolio of our graduate students in Management Science, Financial Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. To join, please send us an email.