The analytics concentration within the operations research program trains students to leverage advanced quantitative models, algorithms, and data for making actionable decisions to improve business operations. Examples include staffing and scheduling at hospitals, ride matching and pricing for on-demand car services, personalized promotions in online retail, and smarter energy consumption.


Undergraduates are strongly recommended to follow the sequence of courses as outlined in the SEAS Bulletin.


For Class of 2023 only: 

IEOR 4008: Computational Discrete Optimization 
IEOR 4405: Scheduling (will count only if taken in excess of core requirement)
IEOR 4505: OR in Public Policy 
IEOR 4506: Designing Digital Operating Models
IEOR E4507: Healthcare Operations Management
IEOR E4520: Applied Systems Engineering

IEOR E4521: Systems Engineering Tools and Methods
IEOR E4525: Machine Learning for Financial Engineering & Operations Research (Seniors only)
IEOR E4540: Data Mining (Seniors only)
IEOR E4526: Analytics on the Cloud 
IEOR E4601: Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management (will count only if taken in excess of core requirement)
CSOR 4231: Analysis of Algorithms
ECON W3412: Introduction to Econometrics
MATH S2030: Ordinary Differential Equations
ORCA 2500: Foundations of Data Science (only if taken by the end of sophomore year)


For Class of 2024 and beyond: 

Advanced Data Analytics Electives (choose at least 2):
IEOR 4525 - Machine Learning for FE & OR
IEOR 4742 - Deep Learning
IEOR 4526 - Analytics on the Cloud
IEOR 4540 - Data Mining
IEOR 4575 - Reinforcement Learning 
STAT 4224 - Bayesian Statistics 
STAT 4221 - Time Series Analysis
CSOR 4231 - Analysis of Algorithms
COMS 4771 - Unsupervised Learning

Operations Research Electives (choose at least 2):
IEOR 3402 - Production & Inventory Planning
IEOR 4405 -Scheduling
IEOR 4407 - Game Theoretic Models for OR
IEOR 4418 - Transportation Analytics & Logistics
IEOR 4601 - Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Mgmt. 
IEOR 4507 - Healthcare Operations Mgmt. 
IEOR 4700 - Intro to Financial Engineering
IEOR 4108 - Supply Chain Analytics 

Management Electives (choose 1): 
IEOR 4003 - Corporate Finance for Engineers
IEOR 4510 - Project Management
IEOR 4506 - Designing Digital Operating Models
IEOR 4505 - OR in Public Policy
IEME 4200 - Human Centered Design

Breadth Electives (choose at most 1): 
IEOR 4520 - Applied Systems Engineering
DROM 8123 - Demand Analytics 
DROM 8131 - Sports Analytics 
INAF 6512 - Data Driven Approaches for Campaigns and Advocacy
PLAN 6941 - Urban analytics and Human-Centered Decision Making 
PLAN 6009 -Environmental Data Analysis 
COMS 4701 - Artificial Intelligence
COMS 4705 - Natural Language Processing
COMS 4731 - Computer Vision
ELEN 3801 - Signals and Systems


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