Resume Portfolios

The IEOR Resume Portfolio contains resumes of our current IEOR graduate students studying Business Analytics, Financial Engineering, Management Science & Engineering, Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. 

To assist you with selection, we have organized our students in three ways:

1) By program
2) By graduation date
3) Alphabetically

Recruiting policies

Any organization engaging with Columbi a Engine ering’s Career Team must abide by the following policies, put in place to set expectations for both employers and candidates. 

Any violations by an employer may result in a suspension of recruiting privileges, such as job postings, recruiting events, and on-campus interviews. Also, the nature of the violation may be posted on our internal jobs board for up to 3 years.

Students are also subject to an internal review pro cess for issues of integrity (eg, misrepresenting information, reneging an offer, etc).

Interview policies

  • Students may not miss class for recruiting events or interviews.
  • Companies inviting students to a 2nd-round interview must notify them at least 72 business hours in advance.
  • Companies must offer an alternative date or time for 2nd-round candidates who have a scheduling conflict.
  • Companies requiring students to interview outside NYC must communicate its travel reimbursement policy in advance.
  • Companies must inform candidates of their status within 2 weeks of an interview.

Offer policies

Employers recruiting from Columbia are requested to follow the offer guidelines as outlined below.

  • We encourage employers to accommodate acceptable student requests for extended decision making time lines as warranted.
  • Companies must not ask questions implying a conditional offer, such as, “If we make you an offer, will you accept it?” Conditional offers force students to make a decision on the spot and can lead to a very negative impression of the company.
  • Companies should give students at least 2 weeks from the date a written offer letter is received or until the following deadlines, whichever is later, to make a decision:
    • All offers extended to former summer interns or as a result of fall 2020 recruiting must be held open until Oct 23, 2020.
    • All offers extended as a result of spring 2021 recruiting must be held open until Feb 24, 2021.
  • Companies must not rescind a verbal or written offer, unless due to extenuating, unforeseen circumstances. Delaying a start date for an extended period may also be seen as rescinding an offer.
  • The fundamental terms of an offer must remain unchanged for the duration of the agreement.
  • Sign-on bonuses must be honored when a student accepts an offer.
  • Students who accept a verbal or written offer and then renege are subject to disciplinary action that could include suspension of career support and/or a mandate to appear before the Dean’s Disciplinary Committee.

Columbia Engineering holiday and exam periods

Here are dates to keep in mind when scheduling interviews.

  • Labor Day (Sep 2)
  • Rosh Hashanah (Sep 30)
  • Yom Kippur (Oct 9)
  • Midterm Exams (many will be scheduled for the week of Oct 14)
  • Election Day (Nov 1 - 5)
  • Thanksgiving (Nov 27 - Dec 1)
  • Study Days & Final Exams (Dec 10 - 20)
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day (Jan 20)
  • Midterm Exams (many will be scheduled for the week of Mar 9)
  • Spring Break (Mar 16 - 20)
  • Study Days & Final exams (May 5 - 15)
  • Commencement (May 20)

Resume Books

Download an electronic copy of our resume book.