The IEOR Career Team is dedicated to assisting students with professional development and internship and job placement.


David Fitzgerald, Career Placement Officer (MSOR)


The world of Operations Research is dynamic and fast paced. It is also the blending of mathematics, optimization, statistics, and computer science, techniques to improve decision making, processes, and systems.  As the Career Placement Officer for the MS in Operations Research Program, I will work very closely with you, the student, to maximize your potential and help transfer your academic skills into real world applications. We will make strides towards developing networking, interviewing and interpersonal skills to get your foot in the door and down the path of continued success. 

The beauty of Operations Research is how diverse your options can be. In a time of rapid and ever-changing technology, there may be companies or industries that you never knew existed before. Or perhaps start your own company as many of our alumni have done!  As your CPO, I will help you to find a career path that is the right fit for you.  Your journey begins here!


Before the program starts, you will research roles, companies, and industries, and update your resume to reflect your career interests. You will also prepare an “elevator pitch.”


Starting at orientation and extending through Fall, we offer a Professional Development Course (ENGI E4000), which includes lectures and workshops to develop your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, networking and interviewing skills, and more. Students wishing to take advantage of the IEOR’ Department’s career services must take this course.


You can make an appointment or drop by during office hours to discuss your career interests and job search process.


Half of our job is working directly with employers. We have an employer database of industry contacts, many of whom are alumni, to help you with your internship or job placement. During any given week, you have access to the following:

  • Job postings directly from employers
  • On-campus recruitment that includes employer info sessions and interviews, and alumni networking events
  • Off-campus recruitment that includes on-site employer visits and alumni socials.

We also create resume books for our employer contacts to access.


MSOR students can choose from one of eight concentrations:

  • Analytics
  • Decision, Risk and Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Healthcare Management
  • Finance and Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence
  • Optimization


While completing an internship in not required, the majority of our students complete at least one, usually in the summer after their second semester. Check out our placement page for more information on where students go.


Gainful employment is what almost every student in the IEOR Department seeks upon graduation. The good news is that nearly 100% of those graduates secure placement. Learn more about where students go.


There is a common misconception that placement for international students is different from placement for US citizens. While there are some visa restrictions for international students, the actual job search process is no different. You will have access to the same resources, and our placement statistics are the same for both groups.

We work closely with both employers and Columbia’s International Students and Scholars Office to make sure you have the information you need. If it is your first time studying in the US, you will be able to do an internship only after completing two full-time semesters, but that falls along the typical timeline for most students. Also, as a student in a STEM program, you have more time to find a full-time job with sponsorship (up to three years).

The Master of Science in Operations Research program is STEM-certified and eligible for  F- 1 STEM OPT extension