Industry Projects

Students at Columbia IEOR are encouraged to engage with organizations to work on relevant industry problems while studying.  We encourage all types of organizations to propose their business challenges and ideas to us, allowing our students to apply their in-classroom technical skills to real-world applications.  We have had a number of successful engagements in the past with organizations including start-ups, mature Fortune-500 companies, non-profit and government agencies.


This win-win engagement is critical to the Columbia IEOR student experience. Industry projects are beneficial to organizations in many ways, including:

  • Connect with talented students that may be prospective recruits.
  • Obtain fresh and innovative perspectives on your business challenges, connecting leading research to practice.
  • Collaborate with a leading research university, and potentially develop valuable intellectual property.
  • Gain exposure to talented faculty, researchers, and practitioners.

We have a number of courses and talented faculty members who take part in industry projects, including:

  • IEOR E4111 Operations Consulting taught by Professor Soulaymane Kachani
  • IEOR E4524 Analytics in Practice taught by Professor Johar Hardeep
  • IEOR E4511 Industry Projects in Analytics & OR taught by Professor Michael Robbins

We welcome you to get involved! Learn how to propose a project or contact the Career Placement Director, Mindi Levinson.