Industry Collaboration

Our faculty members have deep expertise in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Option pricing, asset allocation, computational finance, behavioral finance, mathematical statistics, data mining and risk management
  • Supply chain management, inventory control, logistics, pricing & revenue management and social networks
  • Applied probability, stochastic modeling, stochastic processes, queueing networks and simulation
  • Mathematical programming, combinatorial optimization, graph theory, convex optimization, robust optimization, scheduling, network algorithms, computational biology, communication and information theory

For more information on our research activities, please visit individual websites of our faculty members, as well our research centers.

The IEOR Department also collborates with the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers (ACPM) to deliver a curriculm for the Certified Portfolio Management Program

Please feel free to contact Dr. Jenny Mak to discuss research collaborations you and/or your organization may have.