Career Development

Students in the IEOR Department have access to a wealth of professional development resources from the IEOR Career Team and Center for Career Education.

The IEOR Career Team provides individual career counseling to meet the unique career development needs of every student. Students are encouraged to . . .

  • meet with members of the IEOR Career Team to discuss your job search strategy
  • improve professional communication skills in a small, collaborative class setting and take advantage of various resources
  • understand the employer landscape through resources such as H1B Visa Jobs, an online database of American employers for international professionals
  • Attend numerous departmental events, uncluding . . .
    • employer meet-and-greets  
    • employer on-site visits and shadowing opportunities
    • Bloomberg (and related applications) training sessions
    • informational interviews
    • alumni round table (and related) networking events.


IEOR Policy on Career Engagement

Student engagement, participation and enrollment in the IEOR Professional Development course are required in order to participate in the Department's recruiting program. Lack of career preparation and development will lead to serious issues in fulfilling professional goals. Non-enrollment and absence from the class are signs to the Department that the student is not interested in recruiting and career development

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