Mingliu Chen

Associate Research Scientist and Adjunct Assistant Professor

Mail Code: 4704
United States

Research Interests

Market Design, Mechanism Design, Revenue Management, Stochastic Modeling, and Applied Probability

Mingliu Chen utilizes stochastic optimization in matching and incentive management problems. In particular, he is interested in applying analytical and modeling techniques in market and mechanism design issues. He has contributed to the literature on dynamic contract designs and developed novel models describing two-sided matching markets. Recently, his research focused on design problems in some emerging markets and the interface between finance and operations.


  • Associate Research Scientist and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia University, 2020-


  • Courier Dispatch in On-Demand Delivery, with Ming Hu, Accepted by Management Science, 2022. 
  • Optimal Monitoring Schedule in Dynamic Contracts, with Peng Sun and Yongbo Xiao, Operations Research, 68(5):pp1285-1314, 2020
  • Reliable Emergency Service Facility Location under Facility Disruption, En-Route Congestion and In-Facility Queuing, with Shi An, Na Cui. Yun Bai, Weijun Xie, and Yanfeng Ouyang, Transportation Research Part E, 82: pp199–216, 2015.