Early Registration Tips

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding early registration. We have compiled a list of tips to assist you during your registration process.  

If you have questions afte reviewing the FAQ, we encourage you to post your questions on the IEOR Advising Groups:  MSBA | MSFE | MSIE | MSE | MSOR. You must use your Columbia email address to contact us, so we can properly identify you. Emails sent using non-Columbia emails will not be attended to, for the benefit of the entire class. Our team will address your questions in the most timely manner on the IEOR Canvas Advising Groups. Email inquiries will be the slowest method to obtain a response due to high volume. Students must use their Columbia email to contact the IEOR Academic Affairs Team. This is to protect your identity.

When can I register? After registration, can I adjust my courses?

Early Registration Period: July 31 to August 2
Regular Registration Period: August 27 to September 13
Classes start on Tuesday September 3.  During the fall course registration period, you may add and drop courses as you wish.  After September 13, you may no longer add additional courses.  Dropping courses after September 14 will lead to additional financial burden and potential violation of the F-1 status.

Do I need to register for recitation sessions?

No. Recitation sessions are review sessions – they are not mandatory, and you do not need to register for them. You are encouraged to attend in order to receive tutorials. They are listed for your information only.

I would like to register for classes outside of the IEOR Department (such as Statistics, Economics, etc.). When can I do so?

You may register for non-IEOR Departmental courses starting late August. During the early registration period (July 31 – August 2), you may only register for IEOR courses because this is a special privilege we are granting to IEOR students only.  Students who fail to adhere to the course restriction policy by registering for courses other than those listed above will be penalized. If you violate this policy, as a penalty, we may have to drop ALL of the courses to which you register, including your IEOR courses.

I am interested in taking MSE electives from the Business School. May I?

There are four Management Science & Engineering electives from the Business School offered in the Fall 2019 term:
  • DROM B8107-060/061 Service Operations Management
  • DROM B8123-060 Demand & Supply Analytics
  • DROM B8131-060 Sports Analytics
  • DROM B8150-060 Managerial Negotiations
During the early registration period, MS&E and MSBA students are permitted to enroll in the four courses above. MSOR and MSIE students are limited to (1) of the four during regular registration starting late August.

Why are some courses closed to my program?

There are a few restricted courses.  Some examples are:
  • IEOR E4004 Section 001 - MSBA core course, for MSBA Program students only.
  • IEOR E4004 Section 002 - MS&E core course, for MS&E Program students only
  • IEOR E4004 Sections 003 and 004 - MSOR and MSIE core course, for MSOR and MSIE Program students only.
  • IEOR E4007, IEOR E4701 and IEOR E4706 – MSFE core courses, for the MSFE Program students only.
  • IEOR E4111, IEOR E4101 Section 001 – MSBA core courses, for the MSBA Program students only.
  • IEOR E4111, IEOR E4101 Section 002 – MS&E core courses, for the MS&E Program students only.
  • IEOR E4501 - MSBA core course, Priority Registration.
  • IEOR E4523 - MSBA core course, Priority Registration.
  • IEOR E4599 - MSBA Program students only.
  • IEOR E4799 - MSFE Program students only.
  • DROM B8000-060 - MS&E Program students only.

How many credits or courses should I register for?

Full time enrollment is equivalent to 12 credits (four 3-credit courses). International students under the F-1 visa must maintain full time enrollment. We recommend that you select a minimum of four courses during the early registration period. ENGI E4000 carries zero credits but is required for students interested in participating in the IEOR on-campus recruiting program. IEOR E4599, IEOR E4799, and DROM B8000-060 also carry zero credits and are required bootcamp courses for MSBA, MSFE and MS&E Program students respectively. The Department limits registration to fifteen (18) points per term for first year graduate students; if you exceed this limit, your registration may be adjusted automatically.

A course is full or restricted. How can I add the course?

If the course is full, you need to wait until seats are made available. You may add yourself to the waitlist. Seats often become available during the first two weeks of classes, as students are “shopping” for courses. If the course is restricted, unfortunately, it is not available for your program.

I have not submitted my immunization paperwork (MMR) and cannot register. What should I do?

Submit the immunization paperwork immediately in order to register. This is a requirement set by the University. For more information, please review the immunization requirements.

Where can I find course descriptions?

You can find course descriptions on the Department website. 

I'm in the MSOR or MSIE Program, should I waive IEOR E4150?

If you have taken a graduate level course in probability and statistics, and feel confident about the material, then you should request to take the waiver exam. If not, it is best to take the course to build a solid foundation. IEOR E4150 is a required core course for the MSOR and MSIE program. Unless you have obtained an explicit waiver, you are required to take this course in order to earn your degree.

Can I waive IEOR E4004 and IEOR E4106?

The Department policy on waiving IEOR E4004 and IEOR E4106 is very strict. If granted a waiver, the Department will ask the student to take the PhD equivalents of the course.   
The PhD level equivalents are more challenging and theoretical, and they are: IEOR E6711 Stochastic Modeling 1 and IEOR E6613 Optimization 1. These courses are 4.5 credits each.

I'm in the MS&E or MSBA Program, can I waive IEOR E4101?

You may request to take a waiver exam in order to be exempt from taking the first half of the probability course. If the exam is passed, you will need to enroll in IEOR E4100 Statistics and Simulation for 1.5 credits.

In summary: you need to enroll in one of the two courses below:

  • IF WAIVED PROBABILITY PART 1: IEOR E4100 (1.5 credits) Statistics and Simulation
  • IF NOT WAIVED OR NOT SEEKING TO WAIVE: IEOR E4101 (3 points) Probability, Statistics and Simulation

I'm in the MSBA, MSOR, MSIE or MS&E Program, can I take IEOR E4523 Data Analytics for OR without IEOR E4501 Tools for Analytics?

IEOR E4501 Tools for Analytics is pre-requisite for IEOR E4523 Data Analytics and a core requirement for MSBA students. MSBA students are given priority registration during the Fall.

Students interested in the Analytics concentration, must have completed IEOR E4501 and IEOR E4523 in order to register for IEOR E4526 Analytics on the Cloud and other Business Analytics electives. If you are proficient in Python, you may request to take a waiver exam in order to be exempt from taking IEOR 4501 Tools for Analytics. The Department is offering a Tools for Analytics Bootcamp course during the summer. The bootcamp will consists of video lectures (made available on Canvas) and in-class lectures in August prior to the waiver exam.

I would like to add/to take IEOR E2261 Intro to Accounting and Finance. May I?

Courses that are 3000-level or below are considered undergraduate level courses. If taken, they will NOT be counted towards the MS degree. The Department recommends that you select 4000-level or higher in order to meet University standards for graduate level education.

I would like to take IEOR E4106 and IEOR E4700 together. Is this a good idea?

Taking IEOR E4106 and IEOR E4700 together means that you feel confident about Stochastic Models, and their applications. If you have never taken a stochastic modeling class, taking these two together is not a good idea.
Same goes for taking IEOR E4106 and IEOR E4404 together.

When can I expect my admissions deposit?

The admissions deposit will credited to the registered student's SSOL account after the second week of September. 

All financial matters regarding tuition and billing should be directed to the Student Financial Planning Office.