ALGO 2020 Key speaker - Clifford Stein

Sep 16 2020

We would like to feature Professor Clifford Stein for being a keynote speaker for ALGO2020. ALGO is an annual meeting combining the premier algorithmic conference European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA) and a number of other specialized conferences and workshops, all related to algorithms and their applications, making ALGO the major European event for researchers, students and practitioners in algorithms. Professor Stein's "research interests include the design and analysis of algorithms, combinatorial optimization, operations research, network algorithms, scheduling, algorithm engineering and computational biology. He has published many influential papers and has occupied a variety of editorial positions. His work has been supported by the National Science Foundation and Sloan Foundation. He is the winner of several prestigious awards including an NSF Career Award, an Alfred Sloan Research Fellowship and the Karen Wetterhahn Award for Distinguished Creative or Scholarly Achievement. He is also the co-author of two popular textbooks: Introduction to Algorithms, and Discrete Math for Computer Scientists."

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