Check out some of our star student ambassadors from each of our programs.

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Jacob Bergquist

Jacob joined the department in Fall of 2018 after graduating with high honor from UC Berkeley with a double major in Pure Math and Operations Research & Management Science. His interests currently lie in stochastics and he is working with Professor Karl Sigman on an algorithm to perform perfect simulation of Jackson Networks.


Indrajeet Chauhan

Indrajeet is a master's student in the Management Science and Engineering program. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, where he majored in mechanical engineering and minored in computer science. While initially interested in robotics research, wherein he published journal papers, through his internships in operations management and venture capital, he has developed a keen interest in leveraging data to make better business decisions. Outside of academics, he serves as the director of business relations for the Columbia Graduate Consulting Club. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, working out, and playing board games.


Yan Chen

Yan Chen is a second-year Ph.D. student at Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department, Columbia University, where he is working with Prof. Ward Whitt and Prof. Jing Dong. Before that, he earned a bachelor degree in Mathematics from Tongji University and a master degree in Operations Research from Columbia University. His primary research focuses on the intersection of queueing theory, optimization and applied probability, explores the extreme performance of complex queueing systems. Additionally, He is interested in designing and analyzing stochastic models for service operations. He is currently working on exploring extremal single server queues and multi-server queues given moment conditions.


Camilo Hernandez

Camilo is a third year PhD student working with Prof. Dylan Possamai. Camilo's research focuses on Optimal Stochastic Control, SDEs, BSDEs and their applications to Time Inconsistent Control problems and more broadly to Mathematical Finance and Economics. Prior to joining Columbia he attended Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia from which he holds a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics and B.Sc. degrees in both Mathematics and Economics.


Prae Leeswadtrakul

Prae is currently pursuing her Master’s in Management Science and Engineering. She graduated from Brown University with a major in International Relations. After her undergraduate studies, she worked at Wayfair as a Business Analyst. At Columbia, Prae is involved in the Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Consulting Club. In her free time, she loves to go spinning and watch basketball.


Yao Shi

Yao Shi is currently pursuing M.S. in Financial Engineering at Columbia University. Prior to Columbia University, she graduated with dual Bachelor degrees in Financial Engineering and Computer Science from Nanjing University. She is passionate about applying mathematic models to real problems and practicing quantitative methods for finance in professional settings. This summer, she will be joining Goldman Sachs as a summer analyst in securities department. During her leisure time, she enjoys running, boxing and exploring new sports.


Chenfei Song

Chenfei is currently a MS student in Operations Research program. Prior to joining Columbia, she received her Bachelor degree in Statistics from Renmin University of China and attended the Tsinghua-Columbia Dual Master's Degree Program in Business Analytics. She did several internships in retail and tech companies and aspires to be a Data Scientist in her future career. Outside of classroom, she is also a violinist, baking pro and a snowboarding player.


Skand Upmanyu

Skand is a Masters' student in Business Analytics. Currently, he is working as a Teaching Assistant for Business Analytics and Analytics on the Cloud. Prior to joining Columbia, he completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and worked as a Data Scientist for Axis Bank, India. Skand is passionate about creating architectures for end-to-end implementation of analytical solutions which involve a blend of data science and data engineering. At Columbia, he has worked on interesting projects like Music generation using Artificial Intelligence, Simulation of 2019–20 NBA season, and Recommender Systems for Rent The Runway. For his summer internship, he will be working as a Data Scientist at his dream company, BCG GAMMA.


Shyen Vakharia

Shyen is currently a student in the Management Science and Engineering program at Columbia University. Prior to joining Columbia, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai. Shyen is interested in a career that involves leveraging data and technology to make strategic business decisions. To this end, he hopes that the blend of technical and business courses at Columbia will help him in his endeavors. In his free time, Shyen enjoys watching television, reading, working out and exploring the city.


Akshay Vijayendiran

Akshay is a Masters student in Operations Research, currently interning as a data scientist at Rocktop Partners, a private equity firm specializing in Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS). He received a bachelors' degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, where he was a recipient of multiple scholarships. Starting his career as a researcher studying stochastic models for pricing ride-sharing systems, he segued into quantitative finance, working on both the sell-side and buy-side at Moody's Analytics and Franklin Templeton Investments respectively. In his spare time, he enjoys running across the UWS, playing the guitar or slap bass and combining travel with scuba-diving or adventure sports.


Shatian Wang

Shatian is a second-year doctoral student in the IEOR department. Her research interests include discrete optimization, online learning, and social networks applications. She received her BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Carleton College, MN, in 2017. She enjoys reading and playing music during her spare time.


Xuan Zhang

Xuan joined the IEOR department in 2016. She completed her bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Cornell University in 2014. She is currently working with the guidance of Prof. Yuri Faenza on discrete optimization.


Xinyu Zhang

Xinyu Zhang is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at Columbia University, advised by Henry Lam. His research interests lie in stochastic and robust optimization and extreme event analysis. He has had internship as a Quantitative Researcher in equity division at Morgan Stanley. He obtained his bachelor's degree in the University of Michigan in 2016, majoring in physics and applied mathematics.


Claude Zoghzoghi

Claude is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Analytics at Columbia University. Before coming to Columbia, he has completed his BS in Industrial & Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech with a focus on Supply Chain and Transportation Analytics. Claude has worked at the Consulting Group at Virginia tech for 2 years, and is considering a career in consulting or analytics. He always enjoy watching soccer games, skiing, music and traveling.