Registration Guidelines for Non-IEOR Students

Thank you for your interest in our course offerings. The Department welcomes students to take select IEOR courses if space permits. The following guidelines are set forth by the Department to assist in registration:



Please note, the IEOR Department will not approve any request prior to first two weeks of classes for the given semester. Thank you for your attention.

1. The Department will open up select courses each semester for cross registration on the first Friday of Classes via the SSOL course waitlist system.

  • Fall 2022: Friday September 9th
  • Spring 2023: Friday January 20th

2. All necessary pre-requisite requirements for the course must be satisfied.

3. A list of available courses for non-IEOR students for cross registration will be provided closer to the term start. Courses not listed are closed and/or reserved for IEOR students in a degree program

For School of Professional Studies Students: must consult with their academic advisor on their cross registration process. Instructors can not sign off on any Registration Adjustment Form without IEOR Departmental approval.

Questions? Please contact [email protected]

Space permitting, the following Spring '23 courses will be made availability via waitlist:

EEORE6616 Convex Optimization
IEORE3402 Production & Inventory Planning
IEORE3404 Simulation Modeling & Analysis
IEORE3609 Advanced Optimization
IEORE3658 Probability for Engineers
IEORE4004 Optimization Models & Methods
IEORE4106 Stochastic Models
IEORE4108 Supply Chain Analytics
IEORE4208 Seminar In Human Factors
IEORE4404 Simulation
IEORE4405 Production Scheduling
IEORE4418 Transportation Analytics & Logistics
IEORE4507 Healthcare Operations Management
IEORE4510 Project Management
IEORE4521 Systems Engineering: Tools & Methods
IEORE4530 Statistical Methods For Analytics
IEORE4540 Data Mining
IEORE4571 Intro To Queueing Theory
IEORE4576 Data-Driven Methods in Finance
IEORE4577 Value Investing, A Modern Approach
IEORE4578 Causal Inference
IEORE4579 Machine Learning In Practice
IEORE4601 Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management
IEORE4630 Asset Allocation
IEORE4650 Section 001 (for undergraduate students only)
IEORE4700 Intro To Financial Engineering
IEORE4718 Beyond Black-Scholes: Implied Volatility Smile
IEORE4720 Applied Analytics: from Data to Decisions
IEORE4732 Computational Methods In Finance
IEORE4998 Managing Technological Innovation
IEORE6614 Optimization II
IEORE6712 Stochastic Models II
IEORE8100-001 High Dimensional Probability & Applications
ORCSE4529 Reinforcement Learning

The following Spring '23 courses will be restricted from non-IEOR students:

IEORE4102 Stochastic Models
IEORE4111 Operations Consulting
IEORE4501 Tools for Analytics
IEORE4511 Industry Projects In Analytics
IEORE4523 Data Analytics
IEORE4524 Analytics In Practice
IEORE4525 Machine Learning FE & OR
IEORE4532 Visualization & Storytelling With Data
IEORE4533 Performance, Objectives & Results Using Data Analytics
IEORE4573 Deep Learning For NIP (restricted to MS DSI Students only)
IEORE4650 Section 002 Business Analytics
IEORE4703 Monte Carlo Simulation
IEORE4707 FE: Continuous Time Models
IEORE4709 Statistical Analysis & Time Series
IEORE4721 AI Applications In Finance
IEORE4733 Algorithmic Trading: Theory & Practice
IEORE4798 FE Seminar Series
IEORE4900 Master Research/Project
IEORE8100-002 Topics In Operations Research